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Normandy Repairs, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1946. Originally a small electric motor repair service, it provided local industry and commerce a convienent source for their electric motor and pump repair needs.
Today, the marketplace is different, but our attention to detail remains the same.
While we still repair electric motors, we now specialize in the engineering, sales and service of the pumping, and ventilating systems that motors drive.
Our expertise in that area is demonstrated by the nature of our customers - The Metropolitan Area's real estate market and many of the best plumbing and electrical contractors.
Our customers have confidence in the Normandy Team. We've been working together a long time.

The Right People
We have a full time staff engineer, master machinist, electric motor winder, skilled mechanics and field technicians
We've got the know how to modify and replace obselete equipment with todays efficient designs.

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